Champagne Ring — Andrea Simmons

Andrea Simmons

Practicing under the pseudonym Andrea Simmons, alongside two other representations Stevie Leslie and Robyn Delacroix, Andrea creates distinctive and unforgettable pieces. Originally studying at RMIT, Andrea's practice is a representation through which jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and installation work is created, exploring sexuality, gender, queerness and embodiment. The main process in Andrea's practice is lost wax in situ casting — a process whereby gemstones are set inside a wax mould before being cast into metal. Known for the distinctive droplets of metal which adorn the collection presented at Craft, Andrea chooses to work with synthetic stones for their socially and environmentally conscious creation process. 

This Champagne Ring can be made to order in your size. Please allow 7 weeks. 


Dimensions: Ring Size P

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