Cassie Leatham

Cassie Leatham — Mon Mungan (healing mat) 2021-2022


Mon Mungan (healing mat) is a traditional tool used to teach weaving. It is also used in cleansing ceremonies with song and smoke to heal the durn durn (mind), darram (body), murrup (spirit) and murrup mangii (spirit within). Sitting on the mat gives insight into the old people’s ways, and the different weaving techniques offer generational knowledge passed down for future learning. Emu feathers represent the healing powers of the emu

Cassie Leatham is from the Taungurung people from the Kulin Nation. An Indigenous artist, master weaver, traditional dancer, bushtukka woman and educator, she is passionate about teaching her skills to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students of all ages. Her aim is to give participants the opportunity to learn and understand Aboriginal culture and develop knowledge of both historical and contemporary Aboriginal history. Cassie is self-taught and influenced by the stories from her Elders.

Into the Everywhen 

Curated by Alchemy Orange

July 2 - September 3

The Everywhen refers to the spirit manifested at any or all times, represented in the living land, culture and creativity of First Nations people. It was popularised by Dr Stephen Gilchrist, a Yamatji curator and theorist, as a means of describing Australian Aboriginal relations to time and is an expression of what has otherwise been labelled ‘the Dreaming’. The Everywhen is a denial of the linear narrative inherent in settler time/histories

Materials: native grasses, flax, emu feathers, waxed thread

Dimensions: approx. 1.2m diameter

Works will be on exhibition until September 2

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