Caro Pattle — Limited Edition Remnants Vase, 2022


The Remnant Vase is hand-woven from acetate taffeta textile remnants, a lightweight material often found in clothing lining. These remnants are sold in offcuts, usually too small to use for their original purpose. Here, multiple remnants have been combined via a process of sewing, ruching and weaving to create a soft and heavily textured sculptural work with a striking silhouette.

A series of vessels woven from pre and post consumption textile waste, Remnants uses the left-overs to give shape to our material remains.  

The vessels take the forms of domestic antiquities, reminding us of what we leave behind, in both the near and far future, when our materials remain beyond our own lifespan. 

Remnants reintegrates left-overs into a new whole, reappraising what might constitute a raw material in a world of ever-mutable resources.


Caro Pattle is a Naarm/Melbourne based craftsperson whose current work focuses on coiled and knotted vessels woven from synthetic-blend textiles. Inspired by forms found in domestic antiquities, the vessels are liminal objects which attempt to collapse past forms with present materiality. Pattle received a Bachelor of Textiles from RMIT University in 2019 and has been the recipient of several travel grants and industry prizes. In 2021 Pattle was included on the Design Files Awards shortlist, and in 2020 was awarded the Australian Textile Graduate of the Year by the Design Institute of Australia. 


By/Product is a new product series launching at Craft Victoria. A selected group of Australian makers and designers joined the challenge of repurposing/reusing discarded materials to produce a new line of handmade products.

The aim of the series is to highlight the value of raw materials and to recognise the threat of material scarcity on designers, artists and makers, and associated impacts on their artistic and commercial outcomes. Through this process, designers and makers work to rebuild structure, redefine aesthetic appeal and reinstate value in otherwise discarded materials. 

By/Product 2022 series will officially launch on 8 March.


Materials: acetate taffeta remants

Dimensions: approx. 33cm x 26cm x 20cm

Please note: This is available as a limited edition of 5

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