Camille Laddawan

Camille Laddawan — 'My dad owns an oyster farm' 2022


Infinite Regress examines cultural relationships with death and the body. For this exhibition, Laddawan has asked a broad range of people the question: What would you do with your body after death if there were no laws or restrictions, a limitless budget and no environmental or socio-political concerns? Three answers have been chosen to be presented as beaded artworks on three hand-made wooden looms. The aim of this exhibition is to generate thought and conversation beyond burial and cremation, the options we are often presented with..

Beading artist Camille Laddawan weaves seed beads on looms with a visual language system she has developed called 'Tone Code'. This written component allows Laddawan to embed ideas within her beading work, often connected to socio-political concerns that intersect with personal and familial experiences. So far Laddawan's work has explored topics that focus on the tension between institutional systems and the individual. Laddawan's process is rhythmic, taking long periods of focus to count and thread, balancing the tension that draws each individual bead together. Laddawan holds a Bachelor of Visual Communication from Monash University and a Master of Art Therapy from La Trobe University. Laddawan began beading in 2020 and this is her first solo showing.

Infinite Regress
1 Oct – 5 Nov 2022
Vitrine Gallery

Materials: Glass beads, thread

Dimensions: approx. 33cm x 20.5cm 

Please note this work is part of Camille Laddawan's exhibition now showing at Craft in the Vitrine Gallery until 5 November 2022. Purchased works will be available after this date.

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