Bianca Mavrick — Double Drop Resin Earrings


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Bianca Mavrick is a self-titled jewellery label whose playful forms, eclectic motifs and exuberant colours have been kindling imaginations since 2013. Approaching kitsch, irony and distortion of scale with aplomb, Biancas designs are dynamic, site-specific sculptures that explore the link between individual expression and shared visual language.

Bianca is a trained silversmith and holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (Jewellery and Small Objects). Maintaining an active sculpture and contemporary jewellery practice, her wearable designs can be viewed as an aesthetic extension of her art.

Resin pattern may vary from the earrings in the photo.


Materials: Powder-coated brass, sterling silver, and resin

Dimensions: length 10.5cm, width 4cm. 

Category: earrings

Type: Jewellery

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