Belle Thierry

Belle Thierry - Shifting Column Vase 'Slice'


A cylindrical vessel with rippled edges creating distinct horizontal layers. A slice within one of the ripples gives the vessel a deliberate and striking, asymmetrical silhouette.

Cast using a single plaster mould which has been sawn into multiple segments, this porcelain vessel is formed through a process of reconstruction. The mould shifted, inverted or rearranged to create multiple narratives of a single form.

Belle Thierry is a Ceramic artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Thierry's practice considers the materiality of porcelain, exploring the way material and form affect light, shadow and space. Subdued and minimal her work purposefully omits colour and focuses on the essential gesture of form, highlighting the integral qualities of material, shown in its most authentic state.

Theirry has exhibited at Craft Victoria in 2022 and 2021 and was included in the New Assemblage 'Showcase' for Melbourne Design Week, 2022. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) at RMIT, 2021.

Material: Southern ice porcelain, satin glaze

Dimensions: approx. 15cm x 8cm

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