Belinda Marshall - 2015 Wall Calendar

Belinda Marshall

Belinda Marshall is a Melbourne-based artist & surface designer. She works mainly with acrylic on wood and linen. Her work is an exploration of emotional reactions to the beauty within her immediate environment. A connection to her experience of an idyllic country landscape during childhood drives the need to portray the beauty found in domestic settings and urban landscapes in her work. Her paintings depict her vision of a perfect world - an inner world that can be accessed through a calm, meditative process ~ communicated through layers of colour, and shapes or sections of pattern.

By expressing observations of beautiful encounters and moments in her work, she aims to create a space for the viewer to form a deeper connection to his or her secret, unspoken world and to access the contentment that can be experienced from this process.

The 2015 Wall Calendar features one full page image per month. Includes a grid page of january 2016 and a 'notes' page at the end. Printed in Melbourne on recycled paper with vegetable inks. These beautiful images are also perfect framed.

21 x 21 cm  when closed, 42 x 21 cm whilst hanging.


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