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Gumbadik (Soft Tree Fern) was conceived to connect a group of artists through photography and language to one of the few original natural environments in the Mornington Peninsula, Endeavour Fern Gully in Red Hill. This thoughtful and intimate book is small in stature but ambitiously reflects the stories of millennia. Short biographies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributors Robert Kelly, Daniel Kelly, Dominic Bramall-White, Jacinta Kelly, Lindi Dietzel, Lisa Waup, Sharee Harper, Tallara Gray and Yvonne Luke introduce unique chapters containing a view through their lens overlaid with plant names and moving poetic and appreciative reflections on country, both as verdant and deeply symbolic. Daniel writes, “this fern shoot represents the growth and unfolding of cultural journeys.”

The artists of Baluk Arts explored photography and reclaiming their various Indigenous languages including Wathawurrung (Vic), Alyawarr (NT), Keerraywoorrong (Vic), Yorta Yorta (Vic), Gudang (Qld), and Palawa (Tas). The resulting group of exquisite works express their innate connection to country and celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal people in the Mornington Peninsula. Artists also used English when finding language was difficult or could better describe their experience. The local Boonwurrung word Gumbadik was chosen by the artists to respect the traditional owners of the country they were connecting to and describe the natural features of this special place. Gumbadik has many variations of spelling (Gumbada, Gumbadeek, etc) and is a word that carries across many of the Kulin languages of the Melbourne area.

Materials: Hardcover, cloth bound

Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm

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