Anthony Kleine Whisky/Tea Vessel

Anthony Kleine

Working with wood and cabinetry materials, and initially trained as a fine cabinet maker raised amidst a family business of stonemasonry, Anthony Kleine has a natural and skilful handling of materials that has evolved into the fabrication of his own label of sculptural tableware. Kleine has an intuitive sense of proportion and a masterful eye for detailing which combine in his collection of hand turned bowls and plates, to dramatic, minimal and functional effect. He works with, amongst other materials, Victorian Red Gum sourced from the Murray River and capped with white Corian. Such work shows an interesting engagement with contemporary forms and materials while remaining true to the nature of the timber he uses. His natural understanding of materials also allows Anthony to choose wood for both function and aesthetic. His food safe bowls and plates can be wiped clean with white vinegar and a warm cloth, and require a minimum of upkeep.


Material: Handturned Vic Ash Vessels with Corian Edge.

Dimensions: 9cm height x 7cm diameter


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