Anke Kindle

Anke Kindle - Nipple Brush Brooch in Macrocarpa, 2021


The Nipple Brush Brooches is a series of wearable brushworks that explore the preciousness of timber and the notion of the brush as a political object symbolising women’s work. The timbers for this series were carefully selected for their embodiment of climate and story, as well as their working properties on the lathe. Huon Pine is a slow growing timber found in the wettest parts of Tasmania and features tight growth rings depicting each season.

Exploited by early settlers and shipped to England as building material, it is now as rare and precious as gold. Macrocarpa was planted in paddocks by the early settlers as shelter for livestock and has been coined the ‘poor man’s Huon’. It displays a unique texture akin to skin. River Red Gum lines the banks of the Murray River and features heartwood as red as blood.

The piece I have used was saved from a demolition site and displays nail holes like wounds. The Buckland Walnut came from an orchard plantation left behind in a valley, forgotten by the spoils of the gold rush. It’s surface ripples and glimmers like water. Each timber section tells its own story, a story as precious as jewels

Presenting seven women designers and makers at the forefront of contemporary woodworking. The exhibition shares the diverse perspectives and approaches to the art of woodworking across sculpture, jewellery and furniture, and highlights the profound skill and material understanding of these makers.

Alongside an intrinsic respect for timbers' materiality, each maker presents a determination to carry forward the craft of woodworking through innovative and expressive design. 

Centering women woodworkers in a discipline historically dominated by men, the exhibition also makes a statement: to make visible the work of women designers and makers and build a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive future.

Future Remains
24 July - 17 November 2021
Main Gallery

Anke Kindle, b 1956 Melbourne, is an established artist renowned for his ceramic cameras that reflect his life-long fascination with old cameras. Constable has worked at Arts Project Australia since 1987 and held his first solo show in 2011. He has presented solo and groups shows at Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Brisbane; Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney; South Willard, Los Angeles; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and MADMusée, Belgium. His work is held in the National Gallery of Victoria and The Museum of Everything in London. He is represented by Darren Knight, Sydney; DUTTON, New York; and Arts Project Australia, Melbourne.

Materials: River Redgum, sterling silver, white horse hair 

Dimensions:  6.5 x 5.5 x 6.5 cm

Please note this work is part of Future Remains exhibition now showing at Craft in the Main Gallery until 17 November 2021. Purchased works will be available after this date.

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