Andrei Davidoff - Sake Bottle

Andrei Davidoff

Andrei Davidoff is a Melbourne based installation, sculpture and ceramic artist currently completing his Masters at RMIT University. His wheel formed functional ware is inspired by a restrained notion of landscape with a strong leaning to the eastern aesthetic of free form and definite brush strokes. Made from Southern Ice - an Australian made porcelain and one of the purest in the world - each piece is thrown, decorated and single fired to preserve the maker’s mark in its purest form.

The White black range presents a series of functional and decorative ware with each piece unique in its visual and tactile qualities, enhancing the enjoyment of food and drink. 


Material: High fired porcelain with hand-painted detail.

Dimensions:  Height 12.5cm, Width 8.5cm, Depth 7.5cm.

Care instructions: microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Stain resistant. 

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