Cashmere Malekitsch

Cashmere Malekitsch —Silver and Lab Grown Citrine Ring


Darius Rust (pronouns: it/they) studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University majoring in Ceramics. During their studies Darius began practicing under the pseudonyms Andrea Simmons, Robyn Delacroix, and Stevie Leslie (and formed the studio Cashmere Malekitsch.) Their work encompasses sculpture, pottery, jewellery, photography, 3D CAD renderings and 2D works traversing trauma, sexuality, camp, history, material ethics and the technological singularity. Darius is currently represented by Craft Victoria and Fletcher 64 and has exhibited works at Platform Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary, RMIT School of Art Gallery, and Fort Delta.


Cashmere Malekitsch is an object oriented art and design studio facilitated by Darius Rust in Narrm (Melbourne). Focusing mainly on gold and silversmithing, the studio acts as a platform for varying forms of sculptural research and adornment.


Cashmere Malekitsch jewellery studio does not use mined stones unless they meet the following criteria:

  • The stone is recycled from a generational hand-me-down
  • The stone is used for the purpose of lab grown stone/mined stone comparison

Animal based equivalent gemstones like pearls or coral are also not used in the studio.


Materials: sterling silver, lab grown yellow citrine

Dimensions: ring size O

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