Amanda Dziedzic — Glass and Stirrer

Amanda Dziedzic

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Award winning glass maker Amanda Dziedzic has a diverse practice which sees her working across both design objects and exhibition works. 

Originally completing a two year traineeship at JamFactory in Adelaide, research residencies in Tokyo, Japan and Northlands Glass in Scotland, she now lives and works in Melbourne. 

The kind of works I love to create are most often those that make you smile. While technically challenging they are universal in their appeal. I actually find it hard to describe my design aesthetic. While my production work is quite clean and simple, I take a lot of inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, but my exhibition work is a different kettle of fish all together. I think the one thing I can honestly say is I am a total colour enthusiast. I just love it. It excites me, it motivates me, it influences my everyday life. I love how colour can alter a mood and I love how colour can create an atmosphere.

The Bar Tender's Friend series features hand blown glassware in lavish colours and is dishwasher safe. 

Material: Glass (One glass vessel and stirrer)


Category: drinkware

Type: Glass

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