Alison Frith

Alison Frith — Ceramic Plinth in 'Lemon Sorbet'



A playful take on Frith's popular ceramic plinth. This item is constructed from wheel thrown composite pieces/ glazed in one off colour. Designed to be fundctional. Stand alone or scultpural.

Alison Frith is a studio ceramicist who lives and works in Melbourne. Frith’s work is predominantly wheel thrown, often comprised of multiple pieces to create one composite form. Her work explores both functional and sculptural objects.

Completing a Diploma of Ceramics in 2015, Frith was the recipient of the Trudie Alfred Bequest and winner of Craft Victoria’s Fresh! Sofitel Emerging Craft Practitioner’s Award.  She has also been a finalist in the McClelland Gallery Mary & Lou Senini Award, the biennial North Queensland Ceramic Awards and the Victorian Craft Awards.


Materials: wheel thrown white raku clay, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 45cm x 25cm 

Dimensions: approx. 44cm x 24cm

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