Adrian Olasau

Adrian Olasau, Olas Design — GH Bike Rack


Adrian's work is a fusion of craftsmanship and refined minimalism. He is passionate about exploring the boundaries of what is possible in wood. A traditionally trained Furniture Designer/maker graduating from the prestigious Sturt School for Wood, taking out the "top new talent" award. Adrian's subtle, user focused design aims to create sustainable furniture to enhance our daily life.

His subtle human-focused designs aim to create sustainable anti-disposable furniture to enhance living spaces, allowing the materials to shine through.

A visually light and conceptually minimal solution to bike and helmet storage. The GH Bike Rack makes use of a sculptural form to keep your bike storage elegant.

Dimensions: 570mm H x  210mm W x 390mm D

Materials: available in white oak, walnut, or otway blackwood

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