Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour — Dual Ammonite Studs


Abby Seymour’s practice spans jewellery, objects and print. Abby’s practice began as a printmaker, and the nuanced and personal line and dot patterning that characterise her jewellery and ceramics have evolved from this formative background in consideration of surface.

Textural detailing and a distinct language of patterning combine with a subtlety of form in Abby’s works, and through her application to detail and the hand finishing of every piece, she is both conscious of creating a sustainable practice, and also of pushing her artisanal abilities. Working in silver, brass, porcelain and gold for Craft Victoria, Abby’s beautiful pieces are made to combine with any of the other pieces in her range, encouraging personal interpretation and fun.

Dual Ammonite Studs are a bold and contemporary earring featuring a double layer of etched relief carvings of the ammonite fossil, whose spiral shape symbolises continual change and evolution. Large brass discs hang from smaller silver studs, their gentle line work evoking feelings of lost relics and jewellery unearthed.

Material: sterling silver, brass

Dimensions: length 3.1cm, width 3cm

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