Abby Seymour — Brass Eclipse Bangle

Abby Seymour

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Abby Seymour has a diverse practice with work spanning a diversity of medium including jewellery, ceramic and print. Drawing inspiration from hidden details, subtle forms and the simplicity of textural detail and layers in the environment, she strives to apply high attention to detail, artisan techniques and a sustainable ethos to every piece of work she produces.

While diverse in medium and form, Abby’s body of work is cohesive and unmistakably recognisable for its intricate and refined aesthetic, distinct illustrative quality and bespoke detail. Her detailed print illustrations clearly speak to the carved features of her handcrafted jewellery, further reflected in the surface detailing, imprinting and carving of her porcelain objects.


The Eclipse Bangle displays finely etched detailing on many of its facets.

Materials: brass

Dimensions: internal diameter 7cm, bangle width 0.5cm, bangle thickness 0.2cm

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