_Three Litres

_Three Litres — 'Saddle Bag Dog Harness' with Wine Bladder (or Water!), 2024


Let your fur baby carry their own stuff! This saddle bag and dog harness with bladder from _Three Litres has one side for hydration (either theirs or yours!) and the other side for snacks.

Available in Large (beagle-ish) or XL (large greyhound) this saddle bag comes with a signature 3L ring pull on zip, embossed logo, removable functioning bladder with tap and a D-ring to attach the lead. The Saddle Bag can also be worn by humans for a kind of 'Fifth Element' cyber vibe! 

TO FIT: pass over the dog's head and buckle together under the stomach.
Note: We don't recommend you use this to solely to control your dog. Always use a standard collar too.


_Three Litres is a collaboration between Lia Tabrah and Kirk Ireland. Lia's creative inspirations of Australiana, pop culture, fashion and lols have informed her art and design practise since 2008. Lia has exhibited and sold extensively around Australia and curated exhibitions and events for festivals and cultural institutions. Kirk launched her first label in 2000 after exploring the craft of bag and accessories making. With her background in sculpture, design, fashion and art, Kirk has also worked in bespoke fashion, upholstery and in the product and interior design industries. Kirk successfully ran design store Quirk & Co between the years of 2010 and 2018


Pet Shop Shop

16 Mar - 27 May 2024

Presenting works by Bobby Corica, Clumsy, James Lemon, Luke George, Pim Pom, Three Litres

The pet shop of puppy dreams, Craft presents a fantastical pet shop experience like no other. Pick up a hyper-colour hand knotted rope collar and leash from CraftyPuppr (AKA Luke George) or a stylish pet beds handmade by Clumsy that you and your furry friend will be equally proud of. Available for a limited time only.


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Material: mirror finish vinyl, plastic hardware, nickel, cotton, paper, nylon webbing, wine bladder

Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 80cm

Commissions welcome


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