DNJ Paper

DNJ Paper – 'Small Gathering, Pink Bon Bon', 2023


“Gathering” is a series of vessels that explores the form and materiality of hand-made washi paper. Drawing on an endangered historical tradition of making clothing from washi, called kamiko, DNJ PAPER have merged garment-making techniques with the surprising material properties of washi.

Stitched paper ichirin-zashi (single flower vase), constructed from a combination of hand and machine-made Japanese paper. The paper was produced by Kurotani Washi Cooperative Association in Kyoto Prefecture, and Awagami Factory in Tokushima Prefecture. This vessel has been treated with organic beeswax, and is water-tight. Please avoid placing it near heat sources.

Vessels are sold individually.

DNJ Paper is an experimental paper studio founded by Daphne and Jake in 2020. The paper they use is handmade in Japan. They know exactly who made each sheet of paper that they use and have a surprising amount of information about each atelier and their methods. Each piece is handmade from scratch in limited edition small-scale runs in small batches of material and colour in their studio in Melbourne, Australia. Deadstock, repurposed, or found fabric is hand-stitched to paper, then melted Australian beeswax is brushed on and the hat is lightly baked. The wax bonds the fibres of the hat and fabric, strengthening it and changing its materiality.

Vessel Project

June 1- July 29

The Vessel Project is an exploration of the vessel en masse, as imagined by Melbourne’s most creative practitioners. The showcase continues the examination of modern amphorae in Jugs, and celebrates Craft's curatorial collaboration with the NGV for Vessels – now showing as part of Melbourne Now at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia. 

Read about the exhibition.

Material: Handmade Washi (Kurotani Washi Cooperative Association), Machine-made Washi (Awagami Factory), Cotton Sashiko thread, Australian Beeswax

Dimensions:  16 x 14 x 14cm

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