Annie Paxton

Annie Paxton – 'Form VI' Lamp, 2024


Vestiges of form - the remnants of making.
How the remnants form,
What they form.
The latent possibilities of process.

Form VI continues the material exploration of Annie Paxton's vestige series - forms that seek to explore the inbetween, the underside, the shadow of making. They ask: how can the process have a voice in the product? Casting offcut remnants of aluminium into organic sand, the works are imbued with texture and tactility: the remnants of production become the core of production, and the process becomes exhibited as the product. The works seek to revisit the processes of making, celebrating slow production, the re-use of production waste, and the circular nature of making. 

Form VI harbours light.

Cast aluminium abstracted forms are stacked and blended - negotiating an armour that filters, punctures, and blends light in diffuse bands.

Annie Paxton is a Naarm/Melbourne-based multidisciplinary designer. She works as an architect alongside her creative practice which seeks to navigate the juncture between architecture and furniture and object design. Annie has a keen interest in how design drives and is driven by the poetics of everyday life. Her work resides between the functional and the sculptural; the robust and the fragile; the material and the spatial. She has a tendency to imbue her works with patina and the trace of the hand, and the interrogation of time/process as a material is a salient driver in her practice. 


Main Gallery

May 11 – June 22 2024

Aluminium is a single material exploration. Six artists, makers and designers respond to the allure, practicality, and ethics of aluminium and together showcase the versatile applications of this metal within contemporary material practice.

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Material: cast recycled aluminum, electrical components 

Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 20cm

Metal work: Old Four Legs

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