Mono Kultur #40 - Edmund de Waal: W is for White


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 ‘W is for White’ is the title of this new issue of Mono.kultur, and the subject is British Ceramicist, artist and writer Edmund de Waal. The serene white design of the publication (from Copenhagen studio DesignBolaget) sits perfectly with the calm, silence and space of the ceramics on display throughout this 40 page interview. The conversation, which takes place at De Waal’s South London studio, is laid out alphabetically, and subjects cover such ground as Archives, Repetition, and Nothingness.  This makes for fascinating reading and you get a real insight into the ceramicist’s relationship to material, process and form. De Waal talks about the imperfections of porcelain, the idea of beauty in art, definitions of craft and the impossibility of repetition. This is the first time we’ve stocked Mono.Kultur, and we were really taken with the wholeness and focus of it, the idea of one artist talking over 40 pages about his or her art – whether that be film, painting, music, or in this case ceramics.

Mono.Kultur is a quarterly Berlin-based publication that explores the work of a single artist in the form a single interview.


40 pages

Dimensions: closed magazine is 15 x 20cm

Category: publication

Type: Publications

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