Rachelle Austen

Rachelle Austen – 'Scindo' Sculpture, 2023

Momentum is a series of ceramic sculptures that explore the principle of moments in physics. The sculptures are designed to be interactive, and the viewer is invited to explore how they can be balanced. This can be a challenging and rewarding experience, as it requires the viewer to think about the forces at work in maintaining balance. It is a reminder that balance is a delicate thing and constantly changing. The sculptures invite the viewer to reflect on the ever-changing nature of balance and consider the forces at work in maintaining it.
Scindo, is Latin for "to split" or "to divide," where the moment of the clay is equal to the moment of the force of the ground pushing up on the clay, which is necessary for the sculpture to be in equilibrium when standing upright. It is a reminder that balance is a delicate thing and constantly changing.

Rachelle Austen of ‘Tiny Time’ is a a ceramic artist, living and working on her bush block
in the Macedon Ranges on Dja Dja Wurrung country. Rachelle pushes her material to the extremes with the intent of causing cracks and fissures into the delicately thin androbust solid forms, pushing the material before and beyond breaking, a metaphor for the resilience of existence, the fragility of life and most importantly, the beauty that may be found in the broken, and finding acceptance in imperfections. She has a background in Industrial Design, graduating from a Bachelors at Monash University.

Material: reclaim clay solid form with matt glaze

Dimensions: approx. 52 x 8 x 9cm

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