Patrick Kelly, Eclipse Knives

Patrick Kelly, Eclipse Knives — Low Layer Damascus Chef's Knife


Patrick Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist and craftsman based in Melbourne, Australia.

Trading as Eclipse Knives since 2017, Patrick crafts Japanese inspired kitchen knives with a distinctly rustic Australian feel. Combining traditional Japanese knife profiles and techniques with locally sourced Australian hardwoods for the handles and sayas (sheaths), each knife is designed to perform to the highest standard.

The process of creating Damascus steel, otherwise called pattern-welding, involves manipulating two dissimilar types of steel to create a pattern. Typically, one steel will be susceptible to corrosion while the other will be resistant. In the case of 1085 steel, it is a simple carbon steel with 1.2% manganese, which when etched with acid will turn a very dark grey, whereas 15n20 is similarly a simple carbon steel but with 2% Nickel, which is resistant to corrosion. The pattern in the steel is revealed by etching the blade in acid, corroding the 1085 and turning it black, while the 15n20 stays untouched and remains light grey.

Dying and stabilising wood for the handle involves placing a block of timber in a vacuum chamber soaked in a stabilising resin that is coloured with dye. The vacuum removes oxygen from the wood, replacing it with resin. The block is then baked to cure the resin. Through this process, Patrick is able to colour softer, pale woods, while also giving them the density and rigidity of a hardwood.

The blade of the Low Layer Damascus Chef's Knife has a very thin spine and a slight convex grind. The thinness of the blade and its edge make it a high performance knife, while the convex grind pushes food away from the blade as it passes through.

Thin blades need to be treated with extra care. As such, it is important to refrain from twisting the blade, or using it to cut through hard or dense substances like bone, to avoid damage to this knife.

*This product is available via special order. Please contact the Craft store for more details.


Materials: 1085 and 15n20 steel, dyed and stabilised octagonal handle with rounded brass bolster and spacer, white cedar saya (sheath) with a brass pin

Dimensions: 190mm blade length, 65mm heel height

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