Newend — Single Silver 'Skipper' Stud Earring


Artist and designer Catherine Tipping is the force behind Melbourne and Los Angeles based jewellery brand NEWEND.

These pieces of jewellery are durable enough to withstand daily wear but delicate enough to leave a light touch. Thoughtfully designed and sturdily constructed, they’re reminders built both to stand out and to last. 

The Newend logo was inspired by the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros; a serpent coiled back on itself - consuming its own tail. The Ouroboros represents different ideas across Eastern and Western culture. For Newend, it stands for adapting to change and going with the flow. The cyclical symbol represents respect for the good and the bad as equally important halves of one whole, and as such, Newend jewellery is a subtle call to remain mindful.

Each earring is sold individually

Material: sterling silver


(Sold individually, not as a pair). 

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