Lucy Tolan

Lucy Tolan — Tile Vessel with Red Seams


The Tile Vessel is a slab-built vessel, the textured slabs are cut and layered upon one another, slip oozes from in between the slabs to create a seam. The exterior has a matte black finish with glossy seams and a white gloss interior glaze. This vase is watertight and functions as a vase. 

Lucy Tolan’s bold, architectural forms investigate the construction and deconstruction of the vessel. This new body of work explores the textile qualities of clay and the convergence of material through accentuated joins. Representing the artist's ongoing interest in technique and form, pinching and coiling techniques are used to create preliminary vessels which are then cut apart and reassembled. By focusing on points of juncture, Tolan highlights the process of production and reveals the maker’s hand in each object’s history.  
"The process and aesthetics I employ are informed by my curiosity and ongoing consideration of architecture and textiles" - Lucy Tolan


Materials: stoneware, glaze, underglaze

Dimensions: approx. 22cm x 13cm x 11.5cm

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