Bettina Wilner-Browne

Bettina Wilner-Browne — 'Ocean Tangle' Sculpture


Melbourne based ceramicist Bettina Willner-Browne uses clay as her medium to explore connections between material and form, nature, architecture and memory. Primarily using hand building techniques, the works draw on Bettina’s personal memories of Europe and Australia, especially of the architecture and natural forms found there.

Her sculptural series at Craft features organic structures and gestural mark-making techniques which are  key to works which sit somewhere between sculpture, painting and drawing. 

Originally studying at Monash University, Bettina has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and Art Fairs in Australia, including Art Money for Melbourne Art Fair, Tinning Street Presents, (Melbourne), Sarah Scout Presents (Melbourne) exhibitions.

Materials: stoneware, gold lustre

Dimensions: approx. 25.5cm x 35cm x 8.5cm

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