Pip Byrne

Pip Byrne — 'Carving I, 2022' Sculpture


Baked Goods is a collection of objects exploring the unique materiality of terracotta clay. By experimenting with hand-building techniques, the artist extends the limits of the medium's traditional forms and structures, playing with its contrasts of strength/delicacy, heavy/light, fluidity/rigidity. 

The artist tests the precarity of the firing process and deliberately stages events to unfold within the kiln. Carefully assembled structures are built to combust in the firing process, intended to burn away and reveal new and unexpected forms.  

This work is part of an ongoing exploration into the use of objects as tools for contemplation and the relationship this has to memory and imagination. Each piece quietly evokes a unique story to its viewer. This subtlety allows memories to resonate and stories to be imagined.



Pip Byrne is a Naarm/Melbourne-based ceramic artist. Her practice manipulates scale, form and texture to capture moments of playfulness, simplicity and scenes of light. Pip's background in landscape architecture informs her practice and her understanding of object and space.

Materials: terracotta

Dimensions:  approx. 15 x 10 x 5cm  

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