Helen and Shane Walsh

Helen and Shane Walsh — Medium Wooden Lidded Canister


Helen and Shane Walsh live in NE Victoria. They work mostly in timber recycled from dismantled houses, bridges and other structures which often has beautiful grain and figure as well as a history; and the fascinating and varied timber reclaimed from felled garden trees and prunings, most of which cannot be purchased. They find great satisfaction in making beautiful objects from timber that others have discarded as waste or firewood.

Shane makes custom, made to purpose furniture designed by Helen and beautiful boxes finished with natural Tung oil base from furniture project offcuts which would otherwise become firewood.

Helen’s turnings and carvings lay focus on design, form and finish. She was shortlisted and exhibited in the inaugural Victorian Craft Award in 2015 and featured as part of Timber Memory in 2016. 

Materials: English Oak

Dimensions: approx. 9cm x 9.5cm

1 piece in stock.

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