Katherine Mahoney

Katherine Mahoney — Porcelain Small Gold Lustre Dish | Tea Light Holder


Katherine Mahoney’s ceramics are represented in many museums throughout Asia and in private and corporate collections worldwide.

She trained as a production thrower in the UK in the mid-1970s, taking an apprenticeship with Keith Harding at Cranbrook Station Pottery. Since her move to Australia in 1996, Katherine has continued to create one-off wheel thrown pieces and has also moved into creating more sculptural forms, using a wide range of materials.

Being a member, she regularly exhibitions with The Sculptors Society in Sydney, NSW, although most of her pieces are sold privately through galleries.


Materials: stoneware 

Dimensions: diameter between 8.5cm to 9.2cm*, height 5cm

*Please note that due to each dish being handmade, the dimensions vary slightly from piece to piece.

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