Georgia Harvey

Georgia Harvey – 'Partial Observer', 2023


Ceramic sculptural vessel with feline head and forequarters.

Georgia Harvey is a ceramicist drawn to inanimate objects that hint at the potential of anima. Originally studying painting at RMIT, she later trained and worked as a conservator before developing a sculptural practice, inspired by the artefacts encountered in her conservation work. In 2016 she moved to Sharjah (UAE) and spent several years working and exploring in the region. Her idiosyncratic sculptures demonstrate a fondness for ritual objects of the ancient world imbued with quiet humour, with surfaces and textures that elicit touch.



September 28 – November 4

Georgia Harvey mines and synthesises a kaleidoscopic array of source material - medieval illuminations, archaic ceremonial vessels, sentinel statuary, heraldry, kitsch figurines - and transmutes it into a playful celebration of this diversity of perspectives and realities.

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Material: midfire, glaze

Dimensions: approx. 27 x 26 x 15cm


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