Cordon Salon

Cordon Salon — Scagliola chair, 2022


Scagliola (pronounced “sca-lee-oh-lah,”) is a material technique that was first developed as a substitute for marble. It was popularised in the Baroque and Rococo periods where it became a celebrated art form and a desirable material in its own right. The Scagliola chair is a modern celebration of the technique and plays with its sculptural ability. Pigments not typically found in natural marble or stone are used, and the molten material is applied in a slapdash manner around a stainless-steel substrate, reminiscent of the Queen’s painted roses in Alice in Wonderland.  

Cordon Salon is Melbourne based creative studio that works collaboratively with skilled or specialised craftspeople to create one of a kind or limited edition design works. Founded by Ella Saddington a researcher, artist and experimental designer. Saddington holds a particular fascination with traditional and historical applied arts or craft practices, and the interplay of contemporary technology and production techniques. The staid utilises collaboration, experimentation and play as a rationale for reimagining contemporary design, art and craftsmanship. 

The Chair 

Anna Varendorff, Ash Allen, Ashley Eriksmoen, Bern Chandley, Bonhula Yunupingu & Damien Wright, Brodie Neill, Brud Studia, Cordon Salon, Dean Norton, Duncan Young & Noah Hartley, Georgia Weitenberg, Isabel Avendano-Hazbun, James Lemon, Jess Humpston, Jill Stevenson, Johnny Nargoodah & Trent Jansen, Nicole Lawrence & Thomas Coward, Liam Mugavin, Marta Figueiredo, Michael Gittings, Sam Tomkins, Iain [Max] Maxwell & Ben Ennis-Butler, Trent Jansen for Broached Monsters by Broached Commissions, Two Lines Studio, Zachary Frankel.

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'The Chair' exhibition is the first in a series presented by Craft Victoria honouring iconic objects of functional craft and design with a material driven approach.

Material:  gypsum, pigment, pearl glue, wax, cotton, stainless steel

Dimensions:  approx. 67 x 38 x 38cm

Only available. Please enquire with the team at Craft for details or call +61 3 9650 7775

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