Den Hiscock

Den Hiscock – 'Kanən the Ice Imp and an Iniquitous Truce', 2023


Maille Collar (aka a Bishops Mantle), of stainless steel and leather hide, covering the neck and extending onto the shoulders. The section for the neck is formed of butted mail links using a 4-1 European weave. The lower section is also formed of butted rings but in a smaller aspect ratio, giving the appearance of a looser weave and is shaped to fall in points over the shoulders and at the centre rear. Around the base of the neck section is a historic placement of leather hide, using ahistoric techniques to weave the collar to the leather. At the right end of the neck of the collar are two stainless steel shackles, (also ahistoric) used as findings to secure the collar onto its wearer.

This piece can be donned around neck or used for display purposes. Hand constructed using medieval inspired methods. 60+ hours of labour to create - as each ring has been hand coiled using a makeshift jig built from wood and rope. 

Located within the chasm of reality and escapism, Den Hiscock's Sacred Steel Armour provides a small selection of hand-forged ‘quest items’ in the form of jewellery and miscellaneous garb. With the hopes of offering its owners a sense of reverie through her world-building and lore, Den focuses on immersion and method over result. Predominantly using raw steel as her weapon of choice, Sacred Steel honours the enchantment and intricacies rich within archaic medieval smithing methods.  

Heavily influenced by folklore, RPGs, dungeon synth, and medieval arms and armour, Den has slowly brought her childhood imagination to life with the merging of her two greatest loves, imagination and metalwork 

Everyone’s heard of a dragon  

Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

11 November  23 – 27 January 24 

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Material: Stainless Steel, Veg Tan Leather Hide

Dimensions: To fit neck diameter, weight, approx. 3kg 

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