Alterfact — 3D Printed Porcelain Vase


Alterfact is the name of the experimental design studio created by Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau in 2014, both having graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013.

Lucile and Ben use craft methodologies to interrogate outcomes of production – exploiting nuances of the process to reveal singularity of object. Materials and data inform their practice, and processes such as 3d printing are used by Lucile and Ben to highlight changes in the nature of production often revealing, in the end, the unbreakable connection to crafting due to the nature of materials used.

‘Failure’ has become the success within the processes of the Alterfact workshop. When materials ‘fail’ to behave with machined perfection, a nuanced and beautiful object results. Celebrating this nature of the material processes results in excitingly and special pieces.


Material: pigmented 3D printed porcelain

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