Bettina Wilner-Browne

Bettina Wilner-Browne — 'Ocean Tangle' Sculpture


Bettina Wilner-Browne's sculptural series at Craft features organic structures and gestural mark-making techniques resulting in works which sit somewhere between sculpture, painting and drawing.  

Bettina Wilner-Browne is a Visual artist based in Beleke-Bek/Brunswick. Through contemporary ceramics she considers the connection between material, form, nature, architecture, and memory. The characteristics of her work, which include; organic structures, textural, shimmering glazes and gestural hand-building techniques, combine to produce objects that sit between sculpture, painting, and drawing.

Wilner-Browne has participated in multiple art fairs, held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and has been involved in NGV Melbourne Design Week and the Melbourne Design Fair. She was a finalist for the Darebin Art Prize and has had a collection acquired by the Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria. Wilner-Browne completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University, Melbourne.

Material: stoneware, gold lustre

Dimensions: approx. 25.5cm x 35cm x 8.5cm

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