Caro Pattle

Caro Pattle — Fawn Amphora, 2022


Each of Pattle’s vessels is hand-woven using traditional coil basketry methods. Formed layer by layer, the vessels slowly amass via a stratum of simple loops and knots. The forms of the vessels reference amphorae – two-handled vessels found in antiquities which were commonly used for tasks such as storing wine, milk, or olives. While the original amphorae were often ceramic, the materiality of these velvet vessels honours a utilitarian object at the expense of its usability. Pattle’s work is centred on material culture, exploring how everyday objects may be the only signifier by which our lives can be decrypted after we are gone. As future artefacts, these vessels aim to game the system by simulating a functional object in a form encoded with joy and humour. In this way, the vessels present a divergent material culture, playfully muddling functional/decorative and past/present binaries to create encrypted missives to the future.


Caro Pattle is a Naarm/Melbourne based craftsperson whose current work focuses on coiled and knotted vessels woven from synthetic-blend textiles. Inspired by forms found in domestic antiquities, the vessels are liminal objects which attempt to collapse past forms with present materiality. Pattle received a Bachelor of Textiles from RMIT University in 2019 and has been the recipient of several travel grants and industry prizes. In 2021 Pattle was included on the Design Files Awards shortlist, and in 2020 was awarded the Australian Textile Graduate of the Year by the Design Institute of Australia. 


Materials: velvet

Dimensions: approx. 41cm x 28cm 

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