Abby Seymour

Abby Seymour — Gold Stamen Ring


Abby Seymour’s practice spans jewellery, objects and print. Abby’s practice began as a printmaker, and the nuanced and personal line and dot patterning that characterise her jewellery and ceramics have evolved from this formative background in consideration of surface.

Textural detailing and a distinct language of patterning combine with a subtlety of form in Abby’s works, and through her application to detail and the hand finishing of every piece, she is both conscious of creating a sustainable practice, and also of pushing her artisanal abilities. Working in silver, brass, porcelain and gold for Craft Victoria, Abby’s beautiful pieces are made to combine with any of the other pieces in her range, encouraging personal interpretation and fun.

The Stamen ring is a texturally rich design, hand carved and featuring a delicate play of light. Markings are varied across the silver ring, with a corolla of tiny anther granules on one side and carved facets in a petal like formation on the other.

Its complex pattern and play of light is suited to being worn either on its own or stacked together with others in this series to reunite a fuller flower formation.

This ring is also available in sterling silver.

This design is bold enough to wear on its own or stacked with a fine band.

Materials: 9CT Gold

Dimensions: Size O and a half

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