Anna Varendorff

Anna Varendorff, ACV Studio — 'Edging Over' Sculptural Vase in Merlot


This vase is made by ACV studio, by hand, from brass and silver solder.

It is a unique object, each vase made differently to the others, and nuances of the making process are evident on the surface of the vessel.

The base plate is 2mm thick. This vase is made from a fine brass tube and can bend if not treated gently. It holds only delicate flowers.

The brass used is buffed to a matte finish, and is left untreated so that the warm browns that come from being in contact with water leave a beautiful patination on its surface. This can be easily cleaned following the instructions below.

Brass is made mostly of copper, and during the soldering (making) process some pink from the copper in the brass may rise to the surface and be visible around the join. This is a beautiful marking of the hand-making process and is never the same on any two pieces.

This vase is stamped with its series number 716, and stands at about 26cm tall, and constructed with thin tube thickness.

ACV studio is a project by Anna Varendorff hand-making limited edition objects.


Materials: stainless steel, powder coat

Dimensions: approx. 21cm x 21cm x 1.5cm 

Cleaning: The tube can be washed through with water from the tap, if there is any residue caught in the vase hot water can be left in the piece to soften its contents, then wash again. Dry the surface gently with a non-abrasive cloth, and use again.

Do not drop or knock this vase as hard contact can crack or chip the painted surface. It will not rust, as the body of the vessel is made from stainless steel.

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